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At ECB, we have the power to step in at any stage of your project or handle from start to finish. Our range of services were curated to serve the specific needs of clientele in all sectors of the market today.

Fast Track Projects

Mechanical & Electrical Works

With the support of our sister company TRITON, we provide all MEP and electromechanical work.

Construction and Civil Work

ECB executes, manages and supervises construction activities to ensure that every project is safe, properly built and complete in strict accordance with all safety requirements. Ranging from earthworks, demolition, structural concrete, steel structures and related activities, we provide the necessary technical expertise, labor and facilities to complete the constructional activities.

Project Management

A project without management is a ship without a Captain. At ECB, we have designated professionals who allocate time, manpower, resources and support to create a coherent and easily managed project. Our project management team are the backbone of ECB.

Architectural works

We maintain optimum zoning and architectural guidelines to work with design parameters, making every space go from a 3D design to a real space

Internal Finishing & Decorations

Our attention to detail in this department really shines through. With our talented and experienced team, we finely and meticulously pick the best finishing materials to elevate a space.

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