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Builders of the future

ECB is a construction company specialized in retail, residential and commercial projects. A subsidiary of MH Group, ECB upholds the valued standards of the group, providing excellent, second-to-none services and a customer experience rarely found in the market today. We take all projects from idea to execution. Be it a mall, bank offices or a café, we have the capacity to build and fully finish spaces at any stage with an ideal time frame and customer friendly budget.This is currently reflected in our proven success record with clients from all sectors and industries.








unparalleled standards

At ECB, we understand the importance of integrity when it comes
to the construction business.

That’s why we pride ourselves in how we handle our relationships with partners and clients, our immaculate attention to detail and our team’s constant strive to find new, innovative and creative ways of construction, project handling and design.


In short, ECB is the right company for you because we value:

-Innovative technologies and methods
-Designs that are practical and visually appealing
-Safety measures and precautions
-Accountability with timings and deadlines
-Speed in delivery and responses
-Customer relationships to build long-term partnerships

Word from the Chair-Person

Eng. Mohamed El Haddad

It was important for us to create ECB to address the growing need of construction for projects with varying scales. I am proud to say that ECB is a company made up of a valuable, skilled team that is fully aware of the world’s latest construction and design trends and technologies. We are proud to say that we have completed various successful projects ranging from administrative, residential and corporate spaces for the private and public sector. In the process, we have established a team that excel when it comes to dedication, experience and professionalism. It is my goal to make sure that we bring long term value for our clients by delivering comprehensive solutions that exceed expectations, growing ECB to become a top service provider in Egypt.

Builders of the Future

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